Now available: Harvest Rye

Now available: Harvest Rye

Indiana small town roots, a deep respect for Hoosier farmers, and the love of high-quality whiskey made for a natural fit between Hard Truth Distilling Co. and Mellencamp Whiskey Co.

The resulting partnership led to Harvest Rye — a collaboration sweet mash whiskey made from 100 percent Indiana-grown grains. It’s the first of four limited releases from Mellencamp Whiskey X Hard Truth.

It’s available now at the Hard Truth distillery, and look for it to begin appearing throughout Hard Truth’s distribution area throughout the fall.

To learn more about our partnership and release, check out the PRESS RELEASE.
To learn more about Harvest Rye, visit its SPIRIT PAGE.

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New from Hard Truth: High Road Rye

New from Hard Truth: High Road Rye

The journey to Hard Truth High Road Rye started well before Hard Truth Distilling Co. found its stride pioneering through the world of sweet mash distilling.

It began with stories shared on a quiet porch under the oak and walnut trees of downtown Nashville, Indiana.

Those stories evolved into what-ifs, then plans, and those plans became a brewery, a pub, and, eventually, a distillery — Hard Truth Distilling Co.
The three founding partners surrounded themselves with unique thinkers, clever craftsfolk, and close friends, building a dream into something tangible, real, and wonderful to share with others.

Along with the good company, a common thread throughout the years has been the art of taking the path less traveled, blazing the trail when needed, and always seeking the high road.

Hard Truth High Road Rye is a tribute to the less-crowded room and the memorable hours we spend there with our closest friends, the ones we wouldn’t flinch at the idea of building a dream with.

To learn more about Hard Truth High Road Rye, check out the PRESS RELEASE and the High Road SPIRITS PAGE.

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The 2022 Hard Truth Master Distiller's Reserve Collection

The 2022 Hard Truth Master Distiller's Reserve Collection

The Hard Truth Master Distiller’s Reserve collection is an extremely limited, annual release of sweet mash whiskeys that have been handcrafted, aged, custom-blended, and bottled by the distillers at Hard Truth.

The 2022 Master Distiller’s Reserve release includes three rye whiskey mash bills that embody Hard Truth’s dedication to innovation and bringing new flavors to the whiskey world — a chocolate malt (RW-3), a caramel malt (RW-4), and a malted rye (RW-6).

Each of these barrel-strength whiskeys is a unique blend of eight to 10 barrels hand-picked from the Hard Truth rackhouse and conscientiously blended for rich flavor, pleasant complexity, and a rewarding drinking experience.

These three whiskeys are the first in Hard Truth’s once-yearly release of special sweet mash offerings in the Master Distiller’s Reserve collection.

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Hard Truth Craft Cocktails

  • Smashing Pumpkins

    2 oz. Hard Truth High Road Rye
    1 oz. Egg white
    3⁄4 oz. Pumpkin Reàl pumpkin puree syrup
    1⁄2 oz. Lemon juice
    2 dashes Angostura Aromatic Bitters
    Sugar and pumpkin pie spice mix (2:1), for rim

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  • Harvest Rye Apple Pie

    2 oz. Hard Truth X Mellencamp Whiskey Harvest Rye
    2 oz. Apple cider
    2 Tbs. Apple butter
    ½ oz. Lemon juice
    2-3 dashes Aromatic bitters
    Soda water, to top
    Apple slice and/or cinnamon sugar rim, to garnish

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  • High Road Old Fashioned

    2 oz. Hard Truth High Road Rye
    2 Luxardo cherries, with syrup
    3 dashes Cocoa bitters
    Orange peel, to garnish

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  • High Road Highball

    2 oz. Hard Truth High Road Rye
    1 oz. Fresh lime juice
    Ginger ale, to top
    Lime wheel, to garnish

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