Hard Truth Eclipse


Hard Truth Eclipse

Dark, rich berry and grape align with bright, sharp citrus in the Hard Truth Eclipse, offering delightful taste totality to enjoy while basking in the corona’s glow.


1½ oz. Hard Truth Toasted Coconut Rum
¾ oz. Crème de mure (or Chambord)
¾ oz. Lemon juice
¾ oz. Concord grape juice
½ oz. Blue curaçao
Lemon wheel and Luxardo cherry, to garnish


  1. Fill rocks glass to top with ice, with ice. Set aside.
  2. Add Toasted Coconut Rum, crème de mure, and juices to a bar shaker, then top with ice.
  3. Cover, and shake to chill, then single strain into prepared rocks glass.
  4. Float blue curaçao on top of drink.
  5. Secure Luxardo to the center of the lemon wheel with a cocktail pick, then place across top of drink cherry-side up to garnish, and serve.

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