McCabe’s & Ginger


McCabe’s & Ginger


2 oz. McCabe’s Irish Whiskey
6 oz. Ginger ale
½ oz. Lemon juice
Lemon peel ribbon, to garnish


  1. Add McCabe’s and lemon juice to ice-filled collins glass.
  2. Top with ginger ale.
  3. Wrap lemon peel ribbon around interior of the glass to garnish. Sláinte!

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    2 oz. McCabe’s Irish Whiskey
    1 oz. Hard Truth Maple Bourbon Cream
    8 oz. Freshly-brewed coffee
    Whipped cream, to garnish

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  • Irish Wolfhound

    2 oz. McCabe’s Irish Whiskey
    ½ oz. Lime juice
    2 Luxardo cherries
    Ginger beer, to top
    Lime slice, to garnish

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  • Toasted Tropical Mojito

    1 oz. Hard Truth Toasted Coconut Rum
    1 oz. Hard Truth Toasted Coconut Rum Cream
    1 oz. Coconut milk1 oz. Pineapple juice
    8 Mint leaves, plus one whole mint sprig
    ½ Pineapple round
    ½ Lime, cut into four pieces
    Ginger beer float
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  • Pumpkin Sangria

    1 bottle (750 mL) Hard Truth Cinnamon Vodka
    2 bottles (750 mL each) White wine
    1 c. Pumpkin butter
    2 c. Apple cider
    1 c. Fresh cranberries
    4 Apples, sliced
    4 Oranges, sliced
    2 tsp. Ground cinnamon
    Sparkling apple cider or ginger beer, to top


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