Press release: Hard Truth Releases High Road Rye

Posted: July 18, 2023
Press release: Hard Truth Releases High Road Rye

Nashville, Ind. — Indiana-based Hard Truth Distilling Co. today announced the release of Hard Truth High Road Rye, a new sweet mash rye whiskey expression developed for a wider range of rye whiskey fans to experience the flavor, nuances and subtleties of the sweet mash rye distilling process.

According to Hard Truth Master Distiller Bryan Smith, the overwhelmingly positive response to the distillery’s rapidly-growing line of sweet mash rye whiskeys — in terms of sales and feedback from reviewers and consumers alike — led to the development of a sweet mash rye with a lower proof and price point that will help build the entire sweet mash category.

“Our internal evaluation panel results, along with taste-testing in twenty-plus markets, confirmed that this is one of the most delicious sweet mash rye whiskeys we’ve ever produced,” said Bryan Smith, Hard Truth Master Distiller.

“Not coincidently, this will be our first year-round sweet mash rye whiskey with corn in the mash bill.”

Hard Truth High Road Rye is bottled at 46.5 percent ABV (93 proof). It is available in 750 mL bottles with a suggested retail price of $39.99. High Road’s mash bill features 55 percent rye, 36 percent corn and 9 percent malted barley.

High Road has a deep copper appearance, with an aroma of apricot jam, honey, baking spice and graham cracker. Its taste offers up rich vanilla, maple, custard, and spice that coat the tongue. The finish is bold with a lingering caramel that fades to honey, coffee and nougat.

“We’re proud that Hard Truth is at the forefront of what we believe is a sweet mash rye revolution,” said Smith.

“Sweet mashing — a process in which each batch of whiskey begins with entirely fresh ingredients — typically results in whiskeys that are softer and have a more complex palate. And, even though the process is more labor intensive, meticulous and costly than sour mashing, we believe the result is a rye whiskey that is both distinctive and delicious.”

High Road was distilled with the same skill, innovation and passion of its sweet mash predecessor introduced in 2020, Hard Truth Sweet Mash Rye.

“Since the day we opened the doors at Hard Truth, we have been working to develop a versatile multi-occasion sweet mash rye whiskey that is perfect on its own, on the rocks or in your favorite whiskey cocktail,” said Smith.

“We’re confident that High Road is that whiskey.”

High Road will be Hard Truth’s largest scale release in the eight-year history of the distillery. The production of High Road is one of numerous reasons Hard Truth recently conducted a major distillery expansion that includes the construction of its second rackhouse.

Just-completed Rackhouse no. 2 is twice the size of Hard Truth’s first rackhouse, tripling storage capacity from 4,000 to 12,000 barrels.

Hard Truth sweet mash rye whiskeys have seen their fair share of awards and praise. Hard Truth’s first batch of Sweet Mash Rye Whiskey was named in the top 50 of Fred Minnick’s Top 100 American Whiskeys of 2021, and since then has taken home a gold medal in USA Spirits awards, double platinum medal in the ASCOTs and earned two 93 ratings in other tasting competitions.

Recently, Hard Truth’s Master Distiller’s Reserve Malted Rye Sweet Mash Rye Whiskey won the prestigious 2023 Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits competition.


Hard Truth High Road Sweet Mash Rye is available for purchase onsite at Hard Truth Distilling Co. and will be available in stores and restaurants throughout Hard Truth’s distribution area in starting in early August.

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