Pot o’ Gold Old Fashioned


Pot o’ Gold Old Fashioned

With McCabe’s Irish Whiskey and a little bit of  alchemy this St. Patrick’s Day, you can have your very own Pot o’ Gold! Edible glitter gives this old fashioned a golden glow-up sure to catch any leprechaun’s eye.


2 oz. McCabe’s Irish Whiskey
½ oz. Gold glitter simple*
3 dashes Orange bitters
Lemon twist, to garnish.
*Just add edible gold glitter to simple syrup until you reach your preferred glitteriness.


  1. Add large ice cube to rocks glass, and set aside.
  2. In a mixing beaker, add liquid ingredients, then top with ice, and stir to chill.
  3. Single strain into prepared glass.
  4. Cut a wide swath of lemon peel, twist over drink, and drop in glass to garnish, and serve.



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