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Peanut Brittle Bourbon Cream

Hard Truth Peanut Brittle Bourbon Cream is a rich blend of Hard Truth’s Indiana-crafted straight bourbon whiskey, real Wisconsin dairy cream, and natural peanut flavor.

Best served chilled or over ice, Hard Truth Peanut Brittle Cream also adds a sweet, peanut twist to classic cream cocktails like a White Russian or dessert martini.

Peanut Brittle Bourbon Cream
Peanut Brittle Bourbon Cream

Spirit Specs

  • Base: Fresh dairy cream
  • Indiana straight bourbon whiskey, fresh dairy cream, natural roasted peanut brittle flavor
  • Bottled at 30 proof (15% ABV)
  • Available in 750 mL bottles
  • Appearance

    Lush, rich cream
  • Aroma

    Rich, roasted peanuts with toffee and vanilla custard
  • Taste

    Bold brown sugar and maple followed by roasted peanuts, maple syrup, and vanilla pudding topped with graham cracker
  • Finish

    Slow fade of whipped cream with a delicate touch of peanut butter
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